My rework of the classic track 'Bullet In The Gun' is out now on Perfecto Records

My rework of the classic track 'Bullet In The Gun' is out now on Perfecto Records

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Alexander Popov & Enzo feat. Cari - Stranger Inside (Official Music Video)

I want to share some great memories from Ibiza at Hi, Ushuaia, Cafe Del Mar, and another fantastic places of this island in the official music video for my new single Stranger Inside..

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Alexander Popov ASOT 950, (Jaarbeurs, Utrecht) Aftermovie

Paul Oakenfold & Alexander Popov feat. LZRZ - With You (Official Lyric Video)

With decades of floor-smashing between them, how could a link-up between Pauk Oakenfold and Alexander Popov not send fans into raptures. With stadium-quivering bass drums, LZRZ’s stirring vocals and full-on synth outbursts, ‘With You’ equals mass euphoria for Trance fans worldwide.

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This year #124 DJ in the world huge thanks for your amazing support!

This year #124 DJ in the world huge thanks for your amazing support! ❤️

Interplay2019 album presentation in A State of Trance studio

Was a big pleasure to present my new album compilation Interplay2019 in ASOT studio last week! Huge thanks to Armin van Buuren and Ruben De Ronde for this opportunity

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My new album compilation Interplay2019 is out now on Armada Music

After devoting the year of 2018 to the release of artist album ‘Intention’, Russia’s Alexander Popov is back this year with another highly anticipated edition of his ‘Interplay’ album series. Chock-full of new music from Interplay artists (e.g. Eximinds, Natalie Gioia) and exclusive remixes of tracks from the ‘Intention’ album, ‘Interplay 2019’ gives fans exactly what they want: twenty brilliant examples of scene-defining Trance music.

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Alexander Popov, Attila Syah & Natalie Gioia - Nothing Is Over (Official Music Video)

Taken from Alexander Popov’s second artist album (‘Intention’), ‘Nothing Is Over’ sees the Russian Trance grandmaster team up with esteemed vocalist Natalie Gioia and Indonesian DJ/producer Attila Syah for a truly anthemic masterpiece. Teeming with gorgeous melodies, thrilling chord progressions and irresistible harmonies, this song goes 100% uplifting right off the bat and makes you give it your all until the very end.

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Interplay Records

Interplay Records
SUBMIT DEMO The brainchild of Alexander Popov, Interplay plays host to young Russian talents as well as fresh originals from the man himself. It’s got superb records, fresh takes on the music of today and tidal waves of raw talent that will overflow the scene in no time. It’s Interplay.

Latest Releases

Alexander Popov & Planet Perfecto

Alexander Popov & Planet Perfecto

Bullet In The Gun

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Alexander Popov & M11 feat. Will Church

Alexander Popov & M11 feat. Will Church

Hold Back (Club Mix)

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Armin van Buuren & Alexander Popov

Armin van Buuren & Alexander Popov

Popcorn (Eximinds Remix)

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Interplay is on air every Thursday at 22:00 CET on Radio Record

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Date Place
05.09.20 Open Gate, Russia, Moscow
15.08.20 Z.CITY, Popovka
13.08.20 Z.CITY, Popovka
04.07.20 ASOT 950 Moscow, Russia
15.02.20 ASOT 950 Utrecht, The Netherlands
27.12.19 Wave Club, Taiwan
30.11.19 Changzhou, China
29.11.19 Cebu, Philippines
27.11.19 Shenzhen, China
23.11.19 Chansha, China
20.11.19 Beijing, China
17.11.19 Chengdu, China
16.11.19 Zhuhai, China
15.11.19 Bangkok, Thailand
07.11.19 Minsk, Belarus
02.11.19 Stockholm, Sweden


Like an amazing song or a good book, the best parts of a story don’t always lie right there on the surface for all to see. Such is the case with Alexander Popov. He’s already regarded as one of the top Russian DJs, producers and label owners blessed with a truckload of talent, yet there’s still more to him than meets the eye.

Inspired by the early works of Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, and Paul van Dyk, Alexander Popov fell in love with electronic music after dabbling with various genres and styles. It piqued his interest in professional DJing and music production, which got him his first gig at age 17 and led to the release of his first single in 2007. And that’s when the magic really started to flare up.

Driven by his innate eagerness to make beautiful, emotional music that touches people’s hearts, Alexander Popov dedicated every spare minute to his craft and soon found himself looking back on a ten-year career blessed with many remarkable highlights. Now a world-renowned artist, IDMA nominee, globetrotting DJ (40 countries on five different continents – from A State Of Trance and Dreamstate to Ushuaïa and Hï on Ibiza), sought-after collaborator (with Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate, Andrew Rayel, etc.) and the owner of his ‘Interplay’ label and radio show, Alexander Popov recently presented ‘Intention’ as his second full-length artist album, still staying true to his famed synergetic mix of Trance and classical music.

On the surface, Alexander Popov is just someone with an extraordinary passion for music. But when he gets into the studio, there’s magic around every corner. Just like with an amazing song.

Alexander Popov один из немногих российских диджеев-продюсеров широко заявивший о себе на весь мир. Номинант премии IDMA, эксклюзивный артист Armada Music, отыгравший на пяти континентах более чем в 40 странах мира.

За свою карьеру выпустил более сотни релизов, два авторских альбома и пять компиляций. В 2017 году запустил собственный лейбл Interplay под крылом Armada Music. Успел записать большое количество успешных совместных работ в том числе с Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate, Andrew Rayel и многими другими. Его музыка регулярно получает поддержку от лучших мировых диджеев.

“Steal You Away”, трек созданный совместно с проектом Dash Berlin попал в ротацию на MTV UK, и в 2014 году был номинирован на престижную международную премию IDMA в Майами. А в начале 2019 года на Ultra Music Festival совместно с Jeffrey Sutorius (Dash Berlin) была представлена новая совместная работа.

Параллельно с написанием музыки Александр ведет собственное еженедельное радио-шоу «Interplay» и гастролирует по всему миру. За его плечами сотни выступлений в лучших клубах, в том числе: Space, Ushuaia, Privilege, Hi Ibiza. А так-же участие в крупнейших мировых музыкальных событиях и фестивалях: «A State Of Trance», «Global Gathering», «Dreamstate», «Electronic Family», «Alfa Future People», «Miami Music Week», «Amsterdam Dance Event».



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